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6-pack "Best Of New Zealand" FREE shipping

6-pack "Best Of New Zealand" FREE shipping

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Origin: New Zealand

We have chosen a range of New Zealand native nectar sources to compile our wonderful range. A distillation of the very essence of natural New Zealand!

Buy our 6-pack "Best Of New Zealand" and get FREE shipping to your door.

  • Airborne Honeydew 500gr  A full flavor and aroma, heady, almost pungent, malty. Thick red amber honey and one of our strongest flavor. Great in marinades to give a richness to barbecues or roasts. Full of mineral goodness, a typical trait of honeydews.
  • Airborne Rata 500gr  Anyone who has seen the Rata flowering in January in the Otira Gorge west of Christchurch cannot forget the sight of this brilliant red carpet covering the mountains. This area produces the purest Rata honey, very white in color with a subtle, distinctive flavor, mild and rich - but not sweet, almost salty, considered by many to be the best of New Zealand Honeys.
  • Airborne Vipers Bugloss 500gr This wildflower covers the hills of the Central South Island in a sea of brilliant blue color during summer months.  Vipers Bugloss honey has a delicate flavor with a "chewy" texture. Hint: keep this in the refrigerator and you have a natural chewy snack for kids of all ages.
  • Airborne Clover 500gr The South Island and Canterbury, Otago and Southland provinces, in particular, are the prime areas of quality clover production. Clover honey is light in color with a delicate floral bouquet and flavor. It is offered in both creamed and liquid forms providing both the ease of use for sweetening drinks, baking, etc. with liquid and the thick creamy texture for use as a spread.
  • Airborne Thyme 500gr Thyme continues to flourish today across Central Otago's similarly challenging environment. Its burnt grass coloring so aptly reflects the surrounding landscape. Intensely aromatic honey, the pale Thyme flowers imbue it with lingering, herby, savory flavors enjoyed by the experienced honey connoisseur.
  • Airborne Tawari 500gr Tawari honey's origins are the lowland forests of New Zealand's far north where the elegant tree's waxy white flowers prized by ancient Maori gift the bees light yellow nectar with a lingering butterscotch flavor. So subtle and mild, it's perfect for topping pancakes, waffles or ice cream.

Monofloral honey is a premium product in the market due to their distinct taste, fragrance, and flavor as they are predominantly from one single nectar source. The taste spectrum of monofloral honey ranges from bitter to sweet and texture from clear to creamy. Similar to wine, the color, taste, and texture can differ slightly from year to year even from the same location and beekeeper.





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