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Honey Terra Andes Gift Pack 45g x 4 units

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Origin: Chile

4 x 45gr - Pack of delicate Honey of Ulmo, Quillay, Blueweed, and Mountain 


It has a creamy appearance, balanced fruity aroma and intense sweetness.
We recommend enjoying it with bread, all types of cheese or dried fruit.


 Coffee colored with plummy green undertones, mild and balanced aroma. It has unmistakable flashes of wood.
Sweetness pronounced and becomes intense at the bottom of the palate
Ideal for desserts.


A soft sweetness and very creamy texture achieve a nearly immediate dissolving of the honey in your palate.
Very suitable for cooking and infusions.  Its flavor perfectly combines with fish, mild meat and salad. It is the ideal honey to mix with any hot drink, especially with tea or coffee.


Along Andes Mountain range, in the lands of breathtaking views, eternal silences, dazzling volcanoes, colossal lakes and fragrant Chilean forests this unique honey was born with the light body and chestnut color.

Its delicate taste makes it an excellent
companion of salads, smoothies, and any healthy food.

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