Coriander Honey 500g, Italy

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 Origin: Abruzzo, Italy

Coriander honey is produced by honey bees harvesting and processing the nectar from the cilantro plant, more commonly known as coriander. Usually, the seeds of the plant are referred to as “coriander”, while the plant is called “cilantro”.

Light amber with orange shades from liquid, pale orange from solid.

If you are wondering what coriander honey tastes like the answer is: unique and particular. Its aromatic notes allow you to perceive a flavor predominantly sweet enriched by the presence of a slightly spicy aftertaste and spicy, which persists. This honey creates an unusual balance between sweet and salty. Its slightly spicy taste therefore makes it really special when combined with some herbal teas but also with savory dishes! As for its smell instead, it is possible to smell sweet aromas almost comparable to those of coconut with some very fresh balsamic notes. Its crystallization is on average fast but never occurs completely and its color tends to pale orange.

Excellent as a natural sweetener , coriander honey is not only used to sweeten tea, herbal teas and infusions but its use in the culinary field is very varied and colorful. This honey perfect in combination with lard or grilled meat. Excellent with fresh broad beans and paired with fresh pecorino.

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