New Zealand Honey Comb, 340g

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Size: 340g
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Delicious comb honey, straight from the hive; almost as if you had harvested it yourself.

Both the wax (comb) and the honey are made from nectar gathered and processed naturally by busy bees, making comb honey a natural treat. Comb honey can be eaten by itself, spread on toast or bread, and makes for a unique addition to cheese or fruit platters.

Honey Comb has many uses. These include use as a spread on toast or bread, a snack on its own. It is a gourmet treat. When used as a spread, the comb is eaten along with the bread and almost passes unnoticed, but has a certain delicate flavour of its own. The wax comb is perfectly edible.
Sealed in the Honey Comb by the bees, Honey Comb has better retention of flavour and aroma than that of extracted and processed honey. The fresh bouquet is sealed in.

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