Honey with Red Propolis 250g, Spain

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Origin: Spain

Honey (95%) with Brazilian red propolis (5%)

Propolis is a sealant used by bees for strengthening the hive interior and better able to protect beehives from microbial and fungal attacks. The bees make it from anti-pathogenic resins gathered from tree buds and bark, which they mix with wax and saliva.

The botanical origin of Brazilian red propolis has been attributed to the species Dalbergia ecastophyllum (L.)

Unique biological properties of Brazilian red propolis have been reported, such as antioxidant, antimicrobial, cytotoxic, and antitumor.

A new study has demonstrated that Brazilian red propolis can significantly reduce the parasite load in mice infected with the Schistosoma mansoni flatworm. The researchers found that red propolis is equally effective against both the eggs and the mature parasite.

The Brazilian Red Propolis offers the highest diversity of organic aromatic acids and flavonoids among all existing types of world propolis.

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