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Tasmanian Honey Company Gift Pack 350g x 3 tins

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Origin: Tasmania

The sweet gift of 3 x 350gr Tasmanian Leatherwood, Meadow and Christmas Bush honey.

These gift boxes of quality Australian honey contain 3 x 350gr tins, each containing a different type of genuine Tasmanian honey. Each tin and the box itself is beautifully presented, making this a wonderful gift.


Our Leatherwood is naturally organic by virtue of the fact of where it is produced. Consider for a moment the following images of this place: Ancient rainforests located on the global at latitude 42 degrees south is shared only by southernmost New Zealand and Tierra del Fuego. At this latitude, the circumpolar winds whip up a constant westerly wind known as the Roaring Forties. These winds bring with them heavy moisture laden air drawn off the Great Southern Ocean only to deposit much of it as rain on the western side of Tasmania at the same time watering the rainforest where the Leatherwood trees grow and produce its golden harvest.

We think of the Leatherwood honey as the ‘distillate’ of this magic place.


Warm summer days, sweet perfumes captured within. Soft and subtle in flavor. Tasmania’s millefiori 1,000 flower honey is gathered from the pasture lands of the lush wild southern island.

The open woodlands and natural pastures of Northern Tasmania, yield a rich and varied honey from clover, blackberry, thistle and many endemic species of wildflower. These scents are captured in mild, subtle and delicate honey with a lingering, fresh flavor that appeals to all tastes.


A small tough wiry tree growing on the rocky hills of inland Tasmania produces this outstanding honey with its buttery smooth marzipan-like complexity, it is one of our richest and most complex flavored honey.

A herald of our antipodean summer Christmas – The Bursaria erupts with flowers, millions of tiny white flowers the shape of a burning star – this is our Christmas Bush.

Its flavor best described as soft and mellow with marzipan tones. This honey is very heat sensitive and candies with a wonderfully fine texture.


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