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Ulmo Honey 375g

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Origin: Chile

Location: Rainforests of the Chiloe Island

It is considered to be the best honey from South America.

It comes from the nectar of the pretty white flowers, which resembles the Camellia flower, of the native Chilean Ulmo trees. Ulmo Honey is rich in nutrients and has active properties very similar to the well-known Manuka honey.

Due to the unique nature of the Ulmo tree and its surrounding, the flavor and aroma of this variety are simply amazing. Ulmo honey has the buttery taste of vanilla and caramel toffee combined with an aroma of Jasmine and cloves. A hint of aniseed can also be noted.

The texture is smooth and silky that resembles butter, and when consumed, feels like a fondant.

Enjoy this "super honey" on hot buttered toast, drizzled on pancakes or stirred into oatmeal.

Our Ulmo honey is unpasteurized and raw.

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