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What Honeycomb Tastes Like?

When you bite into a piece of honeycomb, you feel the liquid honey “explode” from the individual cells. This provides a unique taste sensation.
But because beeswax is “waxy”, if you continue to chew the result will be a ball of wax in your mouth.
Some people swallow the wax in small pieces after the honey is gone but it is perfectly okay to spit it out if you prefer. 

Ways to Enjoy Eating Raw Honeycomb.

Honeycomb makes a beautiful presentation when paired with a cheese tray. Let guest slice off the amount of comb their desire. Small sliced bread pieces or crackers are a nice touch.
Aged cheeses with a tangy flavor or even goat cheeses are good pairings for raw honeycomb.

For novice honeycomb eaters, it is always recommend the following:

  • Toast a piece of your favorite bread or an English muffin. While it is still very hot, spread it lightly with butter. With a knife, cut a chunk of comb honey and spread it over the toast. You may have to mash it a bit, but the heat will soften the comb so it flattens into the toast along with the honey. It doesn’t melt, but becomes soft and aromatic. It is also good on hot biscuits, French toast, or pancakes.
  • The upscale restaurants often serve comb honey in the center of a plate surrounded by a selection of expensive cheeses and multi-grain crackers. The idea here is to cover the cracker with a piece of cheese and top it off with a small chunk of comb. This works great with cheddar or brie, but any cheese will work.
  • Cut honeycomb into small pieces and enjoy.
  • A great addition to grilled sandwiches.