A Couple that Loves Honey.

We are obsessed with this noble product that has become our Mission in Life - not only sell it but to educate and inform potential future enthusiasts of its many benefits.

Founded in 2013 Manuka Canada is an offspring of Honey World Store, that has been in busyness since 1998.

Honey World is a Honey Store located inside of St. Lawrence Market, a piece of Toronto history.

We operate out of our Store which offers currently more than 100 different Honey for your Choice and all of them are available to be sampled.

Every product placed in the store has been specially handpicked and well considered in various aspects including source, quality, price, and taste. Every product placed in the store has been produced, tested, packed and labeled at the place of origin. 

We love what we do.

It's who we are.

Our warmest regards to each and every honey lover,