Propolis and It’s Amazing Health Benefits

There’s little doubt that most people have heard about the health benefits of honey – immune and DNA protection are just two of them – but fewer people are probably familiar with propolis.

Propolis is a powerful natural product made by bees from plant resins. Bees use Propolis to protect and sterilize the beehive, where it acts as the immune defence mechanism for the whole hive.

Modern scientific research confirms the protective properties of Propolis can provide significant support for human health.

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Manuka Honey and Propolis

Propolis Manuka Honey is a completely natural product formulated from a special blend of New Zealand Manuka Honey and Bee Propolis extract.

The well-known properties of Bee Propolis as a natural antibiotic in combination with the anti-bacterial properties of New Zealand Manuka Honey means this product can be a beneficial dietary supplement to support:

  • Immune System Function
  • General Well-Being
  • Digestive System
  • Winter Wellness



It is also AMAZING for the skin. Because of the anti-inflammatory effects, it is great for acne prone skin, excellent to promote wound healing and because of the high antioxidant effect may help to keep our skin looking clearer, younger and fresh!

Often called "nature's penicillin," bee propolis has effective antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, and antibiotic properties. These protective and healing properties have been conclusively demonstrated in numerous studies all over the globe.

Propolis may also help you with:

  • Mouth ulcers (canker sores)
  • Gum disease and general oral health
  • Gut parasite elimination
  • Cold sores and other herpes viruses
  • Skin infections