The use of manuka honey in medicine 


As you already understood, the main properties of manuka honey are:


Therefore, this honey can be successfully applied externally and internally to treat any infectious diseases.
Especially the therapeutic efficacy of manuka honey has been proven in infectious and inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity and throat, broncho-pulmonary diseases, as well as when applied externally in infectious and inflammatory skin diseases, as a wound healing agent.

According to the observations of Professor Peter Molan (University of Waikato, New Zealand), who has devoted microbiology for more than 20 years, the gastric ulcer healed in just 6 days after intensive treatment with manuka honey.

Manuka honey is an excellent skin care product, it tones, perfectly moisturizes the skin and provides it with vitamins and minerals.

It also fights against bacteria that cause acne, redness, irritation, perfectly dissolves greasy plugs and cures problem skin.

I do the washing with honey, dissolve a small amount of manuka honey in my palm with water and apply it to the skin of the face, let it act for about 5 minutes and wash it off.

How to properly apply manuka honey?

For the general health effect, manuka honey needs to be taken in 1 tsp every morning on an empty stomach, resolving it in the mouth.

And also can be dissolved in a glass of warm water, making honey water.

For diseases, the amount of honey can be increased to 3 tsp per day. Manuka honey cannot be heated and overheated.

For external use, the manuka honey that has thickened over time can be softened simply by holding it in the palm of your hand.

As a local external use is recommended to use gauze applications made of honey.

Manuka Honey in a jar

I buy a jar of honey with an activity of +10 (about 400 rubles) for two people, it lasts for 1 month.

We consume about 5 tsp in the morning and a jar of manuka honey with high activity, which I use only when necessary, if someone starts to get sick.

With this use, honey lasts a very long time. It tastes like ordinary honey, but cough, cold, sore throat, any sores in the mouth and on the skin, heals very quickly.