UMF ® or MGO ™?

UMF ® or MGO ™?

"Scientists have discovered the secret of the usefulness of Manuka honey"

This is the title of an article in The New Zealand Herald on July 3, 2007, which states that an ingredient of UMF, which has been studied by scientists for more than 15 years, has finally been found and identified. This ingredient was identified by a group of researchers from Dresden, Germany, led by Professor Thomas Henle, head of the Institute of Food Chemistry at Dresden Technical University as Methylglyoxal methylglyoxal (MGO ™).

Professor Henle refers to the results of the study as "clearly indicates for the first time that methylglyoxal is directly responsible for the antibacterial activity of Manuka honey." He also notes that such a large amount of methylglyoxal as in Manuka honey cannot be found in any other kind of food.

Methylglyoxal can be found in all types of honey, however, the level of concentration typically ranges from 1 to 10 mg / kg.

What makes Manuka honey an extremely powerful drug is that the level of methylglyoxal in it ranges from 100 to 1000mg / kg.

The higher the concentration of methylglyoxal, the stronger the antibacterial qualities of Manuka honey and the greater the benefit from Manuka Honey.


Methylglyoxal at a level of 400 mg / kg and above is considered sufficient to destroy a very large number of destructive microorganisms, viruses and bacteria.

The highest content of methylglyoxal in other products (in mg / kg) is as follows:


Yogurt Less than 2 mg / kg
Cheese 4-11 mg / kg
Wine less than 2 mg / kg
Coffee 23-47 mg / kg
Other honey 0-10 mg / kg

Manuka Honey - Super Food

Research results in Dresden show that MGO ™ Manuka honey is superior to any other food, and therefore it can be considered as high-quality medical food. The high level of methylglyoxal MGO ™ in Manuka Meda is used in a wide range of applications: for internal diseases such as stomach ulcers, diseases of the oral cavity, and for external diseases, such as skin diseases and wound infections.

The following is a list of some of the diseases for which MGO ™ Manuka Honey is proven to have a large positive impact:


Internal diseases External diseases
Throat diseases
Stomach ulcer
Gum disease
Acid Burping Disease
The pains of obscure nature

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Insect bites
Eels and boils
Enzema and dermatitis
Staphylococcus Infection
Chronic wounds
Surgical wounds
Candida albicans
Nail fungus
Skin ulcers


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