Royal Jelly Extra Strength

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Origin: New Zealand

Mānuka South Royal Jelly Extra Strength Capsules contain 1000mg with 1.1% 10-HDA per capsule. This is Mānuka South's strongest form of royal jelly. 10-HDA is an unsaturated fatty acid only found in royal jelly and is said to be one of the main active ingredients present in royal jelly.

Royal Jelly is fed in high amounts to the queen bee in a hive, which allows it to become significantly bigger than the rest of the bees in the hive. This increased nutrition also allows the queen bee to have enhanced ovarian function and produce multiple offspring. 

Because of its ability to enhance and grow the queen bee so much bigger than the rest of the hive, these royal jelly benefits have long been believed by humans to be a form of a superfood that may also help to enhance and improve overall nutrition and human health. This extra strength royal jelly is perfect for anyone looking to improve overall well-being and boost everyday energy levels and vitality. Because it is high strength you can obtain royal jelly benefits while taking fewer soft gels and is designed for people who are looking for that added impact of high dose supplementation.

Royal jelly is a natural product that may darken over time without affecting the quality of the product. Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

Popular for its ability to improve skin and hair, clinical studies have also shown that Royal Jelly can help boost energy, strengthen immunity, improve stamina, maintain blood cholesterol levels, and improve chronic fatigue, allergies, and sexual dysfunction.

Freeze-dried royal jelly 186mg (eqv. to 558mg fresh royal jelly and 11mg 10-HDA), encapsulating aids, antioxidants. Contains soya bean products. 

A daily dose of 1 capsule a day is recommended.

This product contains royal jelly which can cause a severe allergic reaction. and is not recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children under two years.

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