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Origin: Tasmania

ThisTasmanian Manuka Honey is a pure Manuka honey, which has been tested for the level of antibacterial activity.

  • Genuine Tasmanian Manuka honey is collected from the Tasmanian tea tree, Leptospermum scoparium.
  • It's collected, minimally processed, and packed in Tasmania to preserve the honey and its properties.
  • The level of Methylglyoxal (MGO) has been measured. The rating is MGO 100+ which is known as being an accurate measure of manuka’s unique properties. Tasmanian Manuka honey is independently tested, rated, and confirmed to the best industry standards.

 Most folks familiar with Manuka honey think it comes only from New Zealand. This is completely inaccurate.

This impression is due mainly to the very strong marketing effort by the honey experts in New Zealand. They have done a great job in educating consumers about Manuka honey and its health benefits and we respect their effort and we send them our thanks.
The plant that the bees use to make Manuka honey grows in Australia as well as New Zealand and on this page, we will present information that will confirm this assertion. The Australian Government has made a number of studies. Here are some of the texts of one important study.

Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka or Tea tree or just Leptospermum) is a shrub or small tree native to New Zealand and southeast Australia. It is found throughout New Zealand but is particularly common on the drier east coasts of the North Island and the South Island, and in Australia in Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. Manuka (from Maori ‘manuka’) is the name used in New Zealand, and ‘tea tree’ is a common name in Australia and to a lesser extent also in New Zealand. This name arose because Captain Cook used the leaves to make a ‘tea’ drink. The common name “Tea Tree” is also shared with the related Melaleuca tree of Australia suggesting that both were used to make tea by Captain Cook.

Manuka honey, produced when honeybees gather the nectar from its flowers, is distinctively flavored, darker and richer in taste than clover honey and has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The finest quality Manuka honey with the most potent antimicrobial properties is produced from hives placed in wild, uncultivated areas with abundant growth of Manuka bushes.

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Tasmanian Manuka Honey MGO100+

Manuka Honey is a great place to shop. Fast delivery and well packaged. The honey tastes great, I plan on using it for a sore. Love supporting Canadian small businesses and New Zealand Bee Farmers which the New Zealand Gov't is currently trying to shut down.

Thank you, LD, for supporting Canadian small businesses and NZ Bee Farmers, and taking the time to share your positive experience with us.

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