Honey with pollen, royal jelly and propolis 250g, Spain

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Origin: Spain

The honey with pollen, royal jelly, and propolis is very complete and honey is the easiest way to consume everything that provides bees in the same format. It can be called a beekeeping cocktail referring to the mixture of the 4 bee products it carries and the mixture of protection, energy, vitality, and nutritional richness it provides us.

The pollen carries a high concentration of protein, minerals, and enzymes regulating metabolism. It can help in the regulation of intestinal functions, the strengthening of the circulatory system brings benefits on intellectual fatigue and on liver functions, among others. It would be the part of energy and vitality.

The royal jelly is rich in protein, glucose and has a certain amount of lipids. It can help increase basal metabolism, physical and intellectual performance, disease prevention, and most importantly has bactericidal power. It is a product with high nutritional richness.

The propolis is a product that transfers to man the active ingredients of certain plants; antiseptic, antibacterial qualities, reducing blood cholesterol levels, ... It would be the protective part.


• The bacteriostatic activity of propolis is best shown at neutral pH, so this honey cannot be mixed with very acidic products.

• Royal jelly is thermo-sensitive, may lose properties if heated. It is best not to use this honey on a very hot plate.

• The active ingredients of pollen decrease over time. Being such a delicate, natural complex that provides the active ingredients of the plants, it must be used without losing them and making their effects stronger and not counteract.

Therefore, it must be mixed with unprocessed foods, without fat, without acidity, ... and added in preparations that can be consumed cold or warm (without excessive cooking).


• Add to the dairy products we take in our daily lives (yogurt, a glass of milk, brushing, kefir ...).

• Drizzle over chopped fruit of the time, combined in the form of a skewer, dissolve in fruit juices (instead of sugar), make a natural jam (and instant, to consume on the spot) mixing crushed natural fruit and honey, use it in desserts or sweet recipes.

• Spread on toast for breakfast or snack combining it with fresh ingredients such as avocado, fresh cheese, nuts, arugula, ...

• Use to make granola or crumble from cereals and nuts. To accompany dairy or chocolate desserts.

• Water green, whole, and salty salads that carry for example; anchovies, smoked salmon, nuts, red fruits, goat cheese, ...


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This is a wonderful honey! I’ve been having it daily on it’s own, and I can say I’m addicted! Amazing quality and taste for an excellent price. I will be re-purchasing many times!

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