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Airborne Multifloral Honey

Airborne Multifloral Honey

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Origin: New Zealand

Airborne Multifloral Honey has a mild, sweet and distinctive flavour to suit all palates. 

Coming from the remote pristine areas of New Zealand's South Island where nectar yielding plants flower under snow-capped mountains... A unique blend of New Zealand’s nectar sources.  Made up of all of New Zealand’s unique flora, from Rata to Kamahi, etc.

Because many species of New Zealand's diverse, unique flora are concentrated in close proximity to each other, honey produced in these areas cannot be attributed to a particular type of bloom.

This pure honey produced from New Zealand’s native bush with some New Zealand’s world-famous Manuka honey and the result is a delicious fusion of flavours that has proven to be a favourite by many.

It is ideal for tea, cooking, and baking.

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