Chestnut Honey, France

Size: 500g
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Product information

Origin: France (Provence)

The nectar of chestnut blossoms, it is smooth, dark and rich, with the woodsy undertone of chestnut and a bittersweet tinge, the smell is strong and pungent. It is true connoisseur's honey, its robust flavor marries well with cheeses and wine. It is excellent for sweetening coffee without altering the flavour and spread on bread and butter at breakfast. Its special properties are beneficial to those suffering from anemia, fatigue and asthenia.

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Customer Reviews

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Jeremy O'Connor
The honey left me in amazement!

I opened the jar of Chestnut honey from Provence, France, and the first opening of this jar left me in amazement because I've never ever tried Chestnut honey, let alone knew it was available to buy. This Chestnut honey has an aroma unlike anything, with special & spectacular flavour/tasting notes, which were very unique to me, and well worth buying!

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