Lemon Tree Blossom Honey, Spain

Size: 500g
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Product information

Origin: Spain

This is very delicate, pleasing, and light honey with only a hint of the taste of lemon with a slight acidity finish.

This honey is made by bees feeding on brilliant white blossoms of the Mediterranean lemon trees.

Lemon blossom honey is excellent to use in different recipes, such as salads, an accompaniment with cheese... This honey is absolutely delicious! Put this honey into your favorite hot or iced tea. Enjoy the sweet, citrus goodness!

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Customer Reviews

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Catharine W in Niagara Region, Ontario
Exactly as described, and a fine complement to the stronger honeys we're more accustomed to choos...

This delicious honey new to our taste buds arrived safely and in short order. We like it very much. The resident honey-fancier refers to its 'brightness' on the palate, and the subtly 'fresh' element of the barely-there lemony effect. We've yet to try it in our tea, but suspect it will be wonderful. As major fans of NZ's Manuka honeys, this departure to Spanish seemed risky -- so glad we did choose Alemany Lemon Tree Blossom to try!

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