Tasmanian WILDFLOWER Honey, 500g

Size: 500g
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Product information

Origin: Tasmania

Introducing our newest family member for 2023!

In early 2023, while harvesting Leatherwood honey in the West Coast of Tasmania our beekeepers noticed an abundance of not only the Leatherwood flower but also Manuka along side the giants of the land, the Eucalyptus.

In recent years the climate has changed, confusing the plant world, to often flower simultaneously and denying us, the beekeeper to separate the different flora in honey.
When extracting the honey, straight away we noticed the different aroma coming from the hive frames and quickly realizes it was not straight forward Leatherwood honey like other seasons.

After tasting, it was a unanimous decision that we needed to bottle this amazing textured honey. Thus becomes our Wildflower Honey.

Due to the natural blend of nectar in this honey, each new batch will vary in taste, colour and texture.

Unheated and packed raw.

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