Airborne Thyme Honey

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Origin: New Zealand

With a heritage dating back to the ancient tribes who cultivated the arid, unforgiving soils of the Mediterranean, Thyme continues to flourish today across Central Otago's similarly challenging environment. Its burnt grass coloring so aptly reflects the surrounding landscape.

An intensely aromatic honey. Thyme Honey is New Zealand's strongest flavored honey. It is a member of the mint family, and the aroma and flavor of Thyme honey are herbal, pungent and distinctive enjoyed by the experienced honey connoisseur. Beekeepers' honey extraction plants in the Thyme area have an unmistakable smell to them, long after the Thyme crop has been extracted.

Many people in Europe use Thyme Honey as an anti-bacterial medicine. It can be used for sore throat symptoms, some people use it as a cough suppressant medication: mix with brandy or tea and then drink the mixture slowly. Thyme honey is a wonderful gourmet treat.

It helps relieve constipation, indigestion, bronchitis, asthenia and loss of appetite. Can be used as cough remedy.

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