How to take manuka honey?

If nothing hurts, but just want to feel better and more invigorated - in the morning, eat manuka honey on an empty stomach for 1 tsp, dissolving it in your mouth like a lollipop. Or dissolve it in warm water (½ teaspoon of honey per glass of water) and drink instead of plain water. The same method is recommended for insomnia.

Honey with indicators MGO 30+ and UMF 10+ is quite suitable for this purpose. Yes, and the price is cheaper than honey manuka with higher activity.

For therapeutic purposes, higher activity honey with MGO 400+ and UMF 20+ is best. The recommended maximum daily dose of honey when taken orally is 3 teaspoons.

The taste of manuka honey is no different from other types of honey, but a cold, cough, sore throat, any sores on the skin and mouth wins very quickly. In the treatment of angina and throat is not recommended immediately swallow honey. For the best impact, you need to hold it in your mouth until it is completely absorbed. For purulent quinsy, honey gauze can be applied to the throat. They are also effective in treating rheumatism and arthritis.

For the treatment of infected wounds, special antiseptic surgical honey and sterile honey gauze napkins are used (only after consulting a doctor).

Manuka honey cannot be heated, added to hot honey and milk, or washed down with hot drinks. To apply thickened honey on the skin and make it softer, you should not warm it up, just hold it in a warm hand.


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